Coco Disks

Used as potting soil, mainly for Domestic-Gardening purposes. Coco Discs are made of dried, sieved and washed/unwashed coco peat or husk chips. Discs are basically introduced to be kept in pots or containers and water is added to expand the compressed medium. Then it can be used as the best growing medium for a plant which is grown in a pot or a container. Coco Disks are available in different weights and different dimensions - 80cm up to 150cm and is very easy to use. Soak or add some water until the pressed disc expands to required volume. The composted coir discs need no fertilizer; therefore it is suitable for quicker seed-germination. These composted coco peat discs have a strong ability to make any plant grow to bear flowers or seeds to germinate. In addition to using for seeding or planting at initial stages, it can be used as growing medium for well grown plants as well.