Coir Sheets

Coco peat 5Kg block is one of the well-known natural organic productions in the world. Dried & Meshed Coco peat is compressed in a form of a block which weighs 5kg and is generally known as the coco peat 5kg. Coco peat 5kg can be made in different mesh size & formulas as per the customer’s requirements, mixing and compressing ratio of (5:1) with coco chips or fiber. After adding water to the coco peat 5kg, the block breaks up smoothly & generally has a very high water retention capacity. Coco peat 5kg is a natural spongy organic growing media which is especially ideal for, Green houses, Plant Nurseries, landscaping and horticulture application in preparing growing media and as well as a soil conditioner. Coco peat 5kg can be supplied palletized or bulk which can be packaged inside PP bag or naked. Coco peat 5kg is a very eco- friendly profitable product, also popular as one of the most convenient ways of growing.